The New York County Clerk’s Office is now, for the most part, closed on Wednesdays. But not necessarily for guardianship attorneys.  I recently attempted  (successfully) to have my court runner file an interim motion in an Article 81 proceeding in New York County on a Wednesday. It can be done!

Per the New York County Clerk’s website:  “All NYCC in-person transactions are postponed on Wednesdays until further notice except in the case of an emergency which is defined herein as: Guardianship and Mental Hygiene emergency applications.  . . .” This means you can file your application for an appointment of a guardian on a Wednesday. But leave your dog bite pleadings at home.

Moreover, I learned that the New York County Clerk at 60 Centre Street is open on Wednesdays to accept Orders to Show Cause in existing guardianship matters in Room 160 (Chief Cashier) next to Room 158 (Guardianship & Fiduciary Support Office), but not Room 141B (the Cashier which issues index numbers).

This is all a bit confusing. If you intend to file guardianship papers in person at the New York County Clerk’s office on a Wednesday (or, perhaps, any day of the week for for that matter), I recommend calling the Clerk prior, or if its not time sensitive, convert the matter to E-Filing.

How about mailing hard copies to the  Clerk or Guardianship Office in New York County? Unless you have information I don’t (please let me know if you do), I’d recommend you call before mailing. I recently had guardianship papers mailed back to my office for reasons not entirely clear to me.