Have you been awarded fees pursuant to County Law Article 18-B? Here’s how to get paid by New York City.

You will need to write to the Assigned Counsel Plan, enclosing the following documents:

  1. The Order and Judgment (or Order) awarding you fees;
  2. A copy of the Affirmation of Services you filed with the Court; and
  3. The Substitute Form W-9.

I can send you the contact information for the gentleman at Assigned Counsel Plan who handles these matters. Just email me directly.

One caveat. The last time I was awarded fees pursuant to 18-B was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Procedures may have changed.

In Mental Hygiene Law Article 81 adult guardianship proceedings in New York,  counsel to the Alleged Incapacitate Person (AIP) can be awarded fees pursuant to County Law Article 18-B at the rate of $75.00 per hour if the AIP has no funds.

For example, in Matter of Buttiglieri (Ferrel J.B.),  the Appellate Division, Fourth Department  noted that it is settled  law that where an AIP is indigent, the court is authorized to compensate counsel for the AIP in accordance with the procedures set forth in County Law Article 18-B.

And remember, compensation awarded pursuant to 18-B does not count towards your Part 36 compensation limits.